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Investment Management

A FOM Approach to Investment Services


Our FAMILY OFFICE MINDSET (FOM)℠ personalized approach to investing drives our portfolio management process, which is both family oriented and collaborative. With our clients, we identify investment objectives and establish a clear strategy to achieve them. All security-specific selection is preceded, either implicitly or explicitly, by an asset allocation decision, where in excess of 90% of investment results are determined. We construct investment portfolios through a disciplined process tailored to your specific needs.

Trust Company Family Offices’ signature investment management strategies include:

  • Intermediate-term fixed income management

  • Individual security management of large-cap domestic equities

  • Manager-of-managers investing

  • Socially responsible investment management

Wall Street can’t touch the credentialing and performance of our managers.

As a fiduciary, our responsibilities go well beyond any legal obligation to put our clients’ financial interests first. We have gone to great lengths to otherwise ensure the integrity of our processes by eliminating potential conflicts of interest.

Simple, Transparent Management Fee

This commitment means we are paid only by our clients with a simple, transparent management fee that removes any actual or potential conflicts that arise from sales-based compensation. We also forego managing our own mutual funds and we stay out of the brokerage business. Our independence from any particular investment or brokerage firm allows us to help you find the investments and services that are right for you, without a sales agenda.

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Equity Management

Trust Company Family Offices is a fundamental, research-based equity management firm. Our equity selection process focuses on quality, growth and valuation characteristics. We search for companies we believe exhibit above-average earnings growth over the long term, leading to future stock price appreciation. We invest in companies that have the brightest futures – we are not market-timers.

Our equity managers, who average more than 25 years of investment experience, believe attractive investments can be found in all economic environments. We focus on risk budgeting, broad diversification and low turnover. Our distinct equity strategies include:

  • Large-cap core equity management

  • Enhanced dividend investment management

  • Socially responsible investing

  • Mutual fund – manager-of-managers strategy

Fixed Income Management

Our fixed income investment style emphasizes intermediate-term U.S. Treasury, government and investment-grade corporate obligations. Over time, our focus has outperformed the market in two out of three scenarios: when interest rates are rising because of shorter maturities with the ability to capture higher income, and when interest rates are stable due to higher levels of current income. Our fixed income strategy remains competitive even during periods of falling interest rates and is driven by:

  • Rate anticipation

  • Sector analysis

  • Intermediate-term maturities

  • Emphasis on high current income