Family Office Relationships


Our Client Families Benefit from Our FAMILY OFFICE MINDSET

Trust Company Family Offices manages and coordinates the affairs of families and their individual members as they navigate real-life challenges that deeply impact family wealth, vision and legacy.

Our FAMILY OFFICE MINDSET (FOM)℠ approach begins with understanding our client families. Embracing our relationship with clients as we learn their family story allows us to better understand the family wealth and family dynamics.

  • Your family story

  • Your family goals

  • Your family philanthropy

  • Your family legacy

Employing what we learn, our team helps the family craft its vision, identifying education opportunities and engaging the individual family members to carry out the family mission.

  • Family governance

  • Family education

  • Family accountability

Utilizing our comprehensive library of family office resources and expertise, we become the family’s advocate, coordinating efforts and managing a client family’s existing network of tax, legal and business professionals. We serve as your family’s professional concierge.

Excellence in wealth stewardship begins with a FAMILY OFFICE MINDSET.

We are a proud member of Family Office Exchange. Family Office Exchange supports wealthy families and their advisors in mastering the unique challenges of managing family wealth, operating family offices, and planning for future generations.